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Date of Stay: July 2010
Room: Pop Art
Hey there,

Thanks for a wonderful time, we really enjoyed your Hotel,
the room and for sure all the staff.

We'll be back!

Jack & Peter, Florence Italy
Date of Stay: July 2010
Room: Urban Room
What a great time, what a great city and what an amazing Hotel...
you are all so kind and friendly,

You helped me out with the things I wanted to know and wanted
to do (no experience) and it all worked

out as you told me..
Thanks guys!

Franck, Antwerp, Belgium
Date of Stay: July 2010
Room: Black and White
We booked this (smaller) room since the price was attractive,
 we paid 1200 Baht incl. Breakfast (all you can eat)

and it was good. Very comfortable bed, we slept too much.. :)
and the location was absolutely great, everything on

walking distance as your website mentioned.

Kind regards
Jaqueline and Mirreille, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date of Stay: June 2010
Room: Neo Siam
Hi guys,
Now back home again and miss you all! rock!
Thanks for the company, showing us around and all you did

for us. All the other people working there, we miss you all! :)

Gerard & John, New York, US
Date of Stay: June 2010
Room: Moroccan and Victoria and Oriental
Hello friends of Baan Saladaeng,

We enjoyed our stay at your place, although we had to switch rooms,
it was fun, you took care

of everything and we experienced different rooms which was superb.
Our regards to Auntie Breakfast, she was so sweet.
We come back later this year, and we book different rooms,
just teasing you guys..

Lee & Ken, Singapore
Date of Stay: June 2010
Room: Oriental
Thank you for being a wonderful host, it was a fantastic time staying
at Baan Saladaeng.

You made my stay in Bangkok very special, will always remember this...

Yi, Taipei, Taiwan
Date of Stay: June 2010
Room: Mediterranean
Hi guys,
We're back again at home, and also here the weather is great :)
Although our room was a climb was worthed!
Total privacy, in the evening a nice breeze over the terrace and for sure
fun with the outdoor shower

Remember that day that we booked extra? We just wanted to be in our
room and enjoy life...

Our friends will also stay at your place in August.

Thanks again for everything!

Vincent & Harry, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date of Stay: July 4-6, 2009
Room Type:  203 Pop Art Mania Room
5 Things I like Most about Baan Saladaeng
5. Room - it's simply elegant and fun.. will definitely
be loved by anyone.. find your room match -pristine white? black and white?

moroccan? pop art?   my first reaction
upon my entrance to the room? Wow,
Cool! (and immediately took photos.. haha)

4. Location - a few meters away from the train station..
just a few minute-walk for a curious traveller exploring the sidestreets of
anything you need is just around the area.. convenience stores,
massage parlors,
hotels, bars, restaurants.. name it.. i truly enjoyed looking

3. Cleanliness - Changed towels, even when not
requested.. :) the linens are soft
and comfy.. the bathroom fixtures are well
maintained.. didn't see a single insect!

2.  Fine Breakfast
-  simple but a fine treat for travelers
who enjoy the basics of a continental breakfast -
eggs, sausage, bread, butter,
marmalade, coffee, milk, cereals...

1. Hospitality and Admirable Staff (including the owner,
Jerry!) - This is definitely a WOW for your guests! Thanks for the warmth.. :)
I'll come back soon with family and friends.. My friend
who recommended your place
was absolutely right, I won't regret it..

Keep it up! 
Regards to everyone!
shine, Manila, philippines
Date of Stay: May 26 to June 3, 2009
Room Type: 501 The Urban Resort Penthouse
To Jerry and the whole Baan Saladaeng crew:
Thank you once again for your wonderful
Hawaiian, ohana means family
and that is how we felt staying at the Baan
Since this was our first trip
to Thailand and our first time experiencing life in Bangkok,
your guesthouse
was the perfect place to stay in terms of location as well as
As a bonus, we met the
most fabulous people whether it be during breakfast downstairs
in the lobby or
out and about the clubs.  As far as the
the urban resort penthouse was cozy and comfortable with a very
nice lanai (hawaiian
for balcony) and private toilet/shower.  Tangible pluses to our stay include

availability of transportation from the airport, easy check-in and check-out,
24hr front
desk service, the room being cleaned well daily, appropriate water
temperature in the shower,
complimentary bottled water (always a plus after a
night of partying), the availability
of wireless internet (especially for
facebook addicts like ourselves), a simple yet pleasant
breakfast in the
(mahalo to the wonderful ladies in the kitchen for the eggs and
sausages every morning),
laundry service, and again, its advantageous location
in close proximity to everything
especially restaurants,
convenience stores,
the skytrain/subway station and of course the no holds bar nightlife. 

Baan Saladaeng as a whole is truly an urban oasis and the concept of the different design
rooms is very chic.

We arrived in Bangkok without an itinerary and we left
having the best vacation ever!
Thank you Jerry for showing the same aloha
spirit Hawaiians provide to their guests
on the island. You are definitely
and will truly miss you and the new friends we have made....nevertheless,
we will be
back again.

To anyone planning a trip to Bangkok, remember, staying
in a streamline hotel on the Chao Praya River will give you the usual tourist 
experience of BKK,
but if you want to EXPERIENCE BKK, stay at the Baan
We will definitely recommend it to ALL of our friends!

MAHALO and see you again soon! Bud and James Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Form Submitted: Jun 03, 2009
Name: Bel Oon
Date of Stay: 14-18th Feb
Room Type: 601 Mediterranean sky Penthouse
Stayed in 301 The Moroccan Suite, 401 Royal Victoria Suite Room
and Mediterranean Sky Penthouse.

The rooms are new and clean. Staffs and auntie are VERY helpful and friendly.
I will definitely stay here again on my next visit, as well as recommend it to my friends. =)
simply love EVERYTHING in Bann SalaDaeng!

Form Submitted: Feb 20, 2009
Name: Lee
Date of Stay: 17FEB/19FEB 2009
Room Type: 204 White Room
Dear Jerry and all family of Baan Saladaeng.

What can I say first,
Thanks alot for you and your all staffs kindness and warm welcoming. best house keeping -
just make up same as check in time always -,

so feel free to stay just like my home, and good advice all the time.

I hope to stay Baan Saladaeng again in my next BKK trip.
Hope all of you can get every blessing in this year.



Form Submitted: Feb 20, 2009
Name: Marco
Date of Stay: 26 November - 1 December 2008
Room Type: 401 Royal Victoria Suite Room
hi baan sala daeng

after some problems at u-tapao i got home alright ...
thank you so much for all your attention you extended during my stay ...

i wish to the baan sala daeng team and the yellow
and red shirts the best of lucks and a very happy new year ...

see you next time in bangkok

take care
Form Submitted: 2008
Name: Ling & Beth
Date of Stay: 8 - 10 November 2008
Room Type: 201 Black & White Room
It was great to know this oasis in the Bangkok city!!!

Thanks Jin, your smiling face, kindness and helpful make me so welcome!
Thanks Nutt, your comment and recommendation
during our every first day morning breakfast.

thank you so much for the transport arrangement to airport.
We love the room so much.

Stylish-designed room, clean, tidy and spacious.
Thanks Jerry, for your kind hospitality and friendliness!!

Looking forward to be back there again for sure.
 Keep the good work, take care :)

Form Submitted: Nov 11, 2008
Name: BJE
Date of Stay: 13-17 Oct 2008
Room Type: 302 Neo Siam Room
Thank you folks so much for your hospitality and, now,
 for your nice follow up card.

I’m pleased to say that I would love to think that
I have found my new Bangkok home.

However, as you are so successful and,
thus, fully booked all the time,

I don’t know when I can get in again with you! But,
rest assured,

when I am making arrangements for my BKK trips,
 your website will be my first stop.

Best wishes,

Form Submitted: Nov 1, 2008
Name: Jonathan
Date of Stay: 24-29 Oct 2008
Room Type: 204 White Room
Dear Jerry & Nutt

Thank you very much.

We like it very much and convenience for us too. Definitely will be back and
stay at Baan Saladaeng again.

Missed all the fun in BKK especially DJ Stations. One of the good place to
shake your bon bon. We love that club.

Both of you guys very nice, warm and friendly. Make us more comfortable
while staying at Baan Saladaeng.

Do keep intouch with us if Baan Saladaeng have any promotion.



Form Submitted: Nov 1, 2008
Name: Alec Todd
Date of Stay: August 4-7
Room Type: 204 White Room
Amazing little hotel. Awesome staff/owners.
I would recommend this to anyone who is staying in Bangkok for any period of time,
and my friends took my recommendation and are coming in three weeks!

Form Submitted: Oct 25, 2008
Name: man man
Date of Stay: 29/08/08-31/08/08
Room Type: 401 The Royal Victoria Suite
it is a nice place to stay..
rooms... simple but beautiful..comfortable....
people...nice ...helpful...

Form Submitted: Oct 12, 2008
Name: Soo May & Joanne
Date of Stay: 30/9/08 - 06/10/08
Room Type: 201 Black & White Room
Nutt, seriously, we really like all the rooms which you have shown to us!
And congratulations, you have made the simple room looked so wonderful & comfortable.
We love your mural painting and interior deco very very much!

Jin, you are such a wonderful lady who are so helpful and responsible.
No doubt all the helps you have offered has given us a very much smoother journey!
Especially in getting us the tour packages and prepare all the necessary arrangement
without us to worry of anything, you know what do we mean. Thank you so much!

Jerry, thank you for your recommendations on where & what shouldn't be missed while
travelling in Bangkok. Seriously, without your comment and recommendation,
our trip won't be so 'fruitful'. And it's you who reminded us of Tiger Temple,
and our first time up, close & personal with Tigers was 'initiated by'
Jerry from Baan Saladaeng!

We love your room, hospitality, friendliness, smiling faces, nice freshly brewed coffee,
your breakfast concept, your guest lounge, just everything!

Thank you and well done to all :-) Miss you guys here and please maintain the best

and we will come back for sure.

Form Submitted: Oct 11, 2008
Name: KW
Date of Stay: 11-14 Sept and 19-21 Sept
Room Type: 202 Modren Oriental Room
I had the most wonderful stay in Bangkok, mainly because I stayed in Baan Saladaeng.
The locality is absolutely convenient and I simply love the design and most important of all,
Jin, Jerry and Nutt made it such a pleasant time for me in BS.
 I will be staying there again next month

and I look forward to another great stay there...


Form Submitted: Sept 27, 2008
Name: Marco
Dear Jerry

Thank you so much for your email attached,
I am very impressed with the way you guys handle this,

you really see your guests (even it is just a reservation) like friends.

I forwarded this email to one of our friend, Wayne,
who will come along with us this trip,

and he was very surprised by your concern notice.
He decided to publish this in his blog (sorry copyright was not sought)

and you know what, this post attracted lots of attention among friends,
they were comparing the hotel service in Malaysia,

and they concluded that there are no hotel in Malaysia
 which is as hospitalized as you guys, one who read this,

who happened to be in hotel industry, printed your letter
and submitted to her boss to consider as a good practice and good PR.

I am so glad that I had decided to make a booking with you,
and looking forward to our stay in your hotel next month.:)


Form Submitted: Sept 10, 2008
Name: Cruzice
Date of Stay: 23 to 25 August
Room Type: 501 Urbad Resort Penthouse
Hi, Nutt!

By any chance, are you Nattawut Lamlertwittaya?
It didn’t occur to me until I return back to Singapore
that you really are the designer for the rooms of Baan Saladaeng.
I actually thought you’re kidding with me. Heez, pardon me. (^.^)

Thanks for making my friends and my stay in BKK so wonderful.
Thanks for the kind hospitality and the sleet "designer" rooms.
You’ve done a great job with the guest house. I’ll definitely
recommend Baan Saladaeng for work/ leisure trip.

Alrighty, hope you can recall who I am. Take care and enjoy brisk business.

With best regards,

Form Submitted: Aug 30, 2008
Name: Ruby & Ken
Date of Stay: 01 to 02 July
Room Type: 301 The Moroccan Suite
We love the suite very much because orange color make us feel so THAI!
The room is big and even have a balcony. We love Baan Saladaeng.
Also like to thanks Nut, helping me printing airline doc. You all are helpful!

Form Submitted: Aug 25, 2008
Name: Phoebe and Friends , Malaysia
Date of Stay: 11-6-2008 -14-6-2008
Room Type: 201 Black & White Room
Dear Jerry and Nat,

Its us, 10 people from Malaysia..
Its a very pleasant trip for us and thanks a lot for the help and everything.
What we can say is our stay is memorable
and the rooms are very cleans and the service is superb!

Thanks..We will be back...
Name: Robert
Date of Stay: 24 July 2008- 30 July 2008
Room Type: 302 Neo Siam Suite Room
Hi Jerry,

Please find attached the photos I took on my recent stay at BS.

Thank you so much to you & your staff for a lovely,
comfortable stay - you all made me feel so welcome!

Kind regards,

Form Submitted: August 8, 2008
Name: Roger
Date of Stay: 30 June 2008- 16 July 2008
Room Type: 203 Pop Art Mania Room
Jerry, all staffs & neighbours,

Thanks for your everthings while I staying at Baan Saladaeng...

Hope I come back soon again!



Form Submitted: Jul 22, 2008
Name: Lawrence Hp Koh
Date of Stay: 8 July 08 till 13 July 08
Room Type: 201 Black & White Room
Thanx to Jerry, Nut, Jin and C, I am so happy as I am stay in Baan Saladaeng,
It is a very convenience place which nearby BTS(Saladaeng) and MRT(Silom).
Sommore, the room so clean and Jerry so nice.
It is my 1st choice to stay as I goto Bkk again.

Form Submitted: Jul 17, 2008
Date of Stay: 25-06-08
Room Type: 302 Neo Siam Suite
Dear Nut and Jerry,

The honeymooners from Barcelona (Spain) want to give thousands of thanks
for all your help during our stay in Bangkok. Thanks for everything.
(Sorry about our horrible English...)

We will recomend your hotel to aour friends.
A 10 for Baan Saladaeng Team! It's a real oasis...

If you come to Barcelona, don't forget to drink a glass of GOOD wine with us!

Form Submitted: Jul 16, 2008
Name: Greg Whitney
Date of Stay: 29.05.08-9.06.08
Room Type: 301 The Moroccan Suite
to the management right down to the cleaning staff, thank you for
your warmth, kindness,humour and assistance... you made my first
stay in Bangkok a wonderful experience and you made my partners 3rd
stay in bangkok fantastic as well... we are recommending your hotel
to anybody and everybody due to the cleaness, the location, the
interior design (great job Nut) and the caring, helpfull people
running the hotel... i would also like to say "fantastic food and
service" at Fab Cuisine (2 doors up, Emmy the owner is a wonderful
and gorgeous person).  Nut you are gorgeous and a wonderful person
you made our stay brilliant, Jerry thank you for your warmth and
your humour, Jin you are a wonderful person and so helpful... when
we come back to bangkok we are certainly staying at BaanSaladaeng
again... and we highly recommend it to anyone...

Form Submitted: Jun 20, 2008
Name: Todeff
Date of Stay: June 12th- June 15th, 2008
Room Type: 201Black&White Room, 402 Royal Victoria Suite
dear gorgeous jerry and eye-candy nat
it's been my pleasure to stay in baan saladaeng for the pass 5
days,thanks for your generous hospitality to make my trip a
memorable one.In the future,no doubt baan saladaeng will be my
first choice hotel whenever i go to bangkok again,couldn't ask for
more but i do hope we can hang out for few drinks together next
time best

Form Submitted: June 16, 2008
Name: Vidar Gunnes
Date of Stay: May 22th- June 3th, 2008
Room Type: 203, 302, 401
Hello how is all my new friends in baan saladaeng? i am well back
in norway now but i miss u guys:(. if i come back in september this
year it is any possibility for me to stay with you again?pls say
hello to all from me sincerelyvidar gunnes

Form Submitted: June 15, 2008
Name: Mary and Guy
Date of Stay: May 20th-May 25th
Room Type: 501 Urban Resort Penthouse, 302 Neo Siam Suite
Hi Jerry
Thanks for everything; you make us feel well cared for!All best,
Mary and Guy

Form Submitted: May 21, 2008
Name: Boni, Vira and Levi
Date of Stay: May 2nd - May 19th, 2008
Room Type: 203 Pop Art Mania Room
Dear Jerry, Nut and the whole Baan Saladaeng Family,
Thank You So Much for the VERY enjoyable stay. Great People, Great
Place, Great Location. You have made our 3 weeks stay a very
memorable one, and we will definitely come again.
Boni, Vira and Levi

Form Submitted: May 20, 2008
Name: Rimmer
Date of Stay: 5/5 - 75
Room Type: 302 Neo Siam Suite
Hello Jerry & Nut,
I vasty enjoyed staying with you and certainly will try to book at
your hotel again when in BKK.

Form Submitted: May 17, 2008
Name: Colin
Date of Stay: 10/5 - 13/5
Room Type: 501 The Urban Resort Penthouse
Loved our stay! Thanks for having us. Will be back soon!

Form Submitted: May 13, 2008
Name: andy chinann lim
Date of Stay: 10/5 - 11/5
Room Type: Modern Oriental Room
Dear jerry n Nut
checked out very early this morning so didn't have time to inform
you'n say good-bye. i really like your hotel and i will definately
stay there again, you guys been really wonderful .
once again thanks again. see u in the near future.

Form Submitted: May 12, 2008
Name: Tao
Date of Stay: 29/04/08-3/05/08
Room Type: Pop Art Mania, Mediterranean Sky Penthouse
Dear Jerry,
I'm so happy to stayed your house these days.So friendly and
kindness to me.Your other guests are very good to me too. I hope I
can go to Bangkok and still staying in your house again.Of course
I'll recommend Baan Saladaeng to my friend.
Have a nice day.

Form Submitted: May 5, 2008
Name:  Keith Koh
Date of Stay: 25/04/08 - 29/04/08
Room Type: Pop Art Mania Room
Hey Jerry, Nut,
What can i say? Fabulous guesthouse run by fabulous people. It was
certainly an unforgettable experience and Baan Saladaeng felt like
home during my stay there. Thank you guys again for making us feel
so welcome. Take care (reward yourselves with some time-off guys!)
and be assured Baan Saladaeng will always be the preferred choice
for future visits.

Form Submitted: Apr 29, 2008
Name: Guohui NG
Date of Stay: 26/04/08-27/04/08
Room Type: Mediterranean Sky Penthouse
Dear Jerry & Nut,
Thank you for your kind hospitality! The room is nice, spacious and
clean. I'll be sure to stay there when I visit Bangkok again. Till
then, take care.
Guohui NG

Form Submitted: Apr 27, 2008
Name: Felix Jin
Date of Stay: 21/04/08-22/04/08
Room Type: Neo Siam Suite
Hi Jerry, Hi Nut,
I would say that 2 days my staying in your guesthouse really gave
me a ‘shining-memory’ during my short stay in BKK this time. I felt
comfortable with the stylish-designed room, tidy & clean, and more
than happy that it’s near to Silom yet still quiet. Your friendly
entertain also great.I’ve told my friends of my staying here and
they seem to be attracted already :)
Good luck to you & hope to be here again!

Form Submitted: Apr 25, 2008
Name: Rhys Wong
Date of Stay: 17/04/08-19/04/08
Room Type: The Moroccan Suite
Hi Jerry & Nut,
I enjoyed my stay very much. The rooms are great and you folks are
fabulous!! It was a great experiences meeting you two during the
trip. You've made my stay much enjoyable and I would definitely be
recommending my friends to stay with you. :)

Form Submitted: Apr 22, 2008
Name: Les Piche
Date of Stay: 12/04/08-11/04/08
Room Type: Modren Oriental Room
Hi Nut, Hi Jerry,
It was great meeting both of you and thank you for hospitality. I
thoroughly enjoyed my stay with you and I will certainly will look
you up again the next time I visit.I wish you both all the best at
work with Baan Saladaeng and in your personal lives - happiness,
health!Take care and I hope to see you both next time around.

Form Submitted: Apr 20, 2008
Name: Julian Singh
Date of Stay: 09/04/08-11/04/08
Room Type: Pop Art Mania Room
Let me the virgin in writing in your guestbook. Jerry, Nat we
enjoyed ourstay at your guesthouse alot and sad to have left.  Your
gracious hospitalityimpressed us alot and we felt so comfortable.
We will definately be back and havealready recommended your
guesthouse to my friends.

Form Submitted: Apr 16, 2008


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